Sunday, January 14, 2007

Trip to US

I spent last week in the US on a business trip.

I flew out to New York on Sunday, meeting some of my US colleagues in IT on the Monday at their office in Valhalla, near White Plains (about 45 mins north of NY City).

On the Tuesday I joined other colleagues from Mexico, the US and Latin America for the day at another office in Somers. In the evening we caught a flight to Dallas where we stayed north of the city at a place called Plano. The hotel is pictured here.

We continued through to Friday lunchtime before heading to catch the one daily BA flight back to the UK. Unfortunately heavy rain rolled in and we sat in the aircraft for over an hour at the end on the runway waiting for our turn to take-off.

Never the less, it was a great experience, and I think I ate more steak in 5 days that I would do in a whole year back home. Then again, it's pretty hard not to when every restaurant in Dallas is a steak house!


Friday, January 05, 2007

Still here, still waiting

Oh dear, it's been a long time since I posted an entry to our blog.

Things are slowly moving forward with our house move, which we hope to complete in February.

Christmas and New Year now seem a long time ago, but we all had a great time, and as usual came back with a load more toys for the boys.